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The Wealth Index is a customized 18-page report designed to help you make better financial decisions

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Who uses the Wealth Index?
As a new college graduate or someone who is just beginning the journey of financial planning, your Wealth Index Report can be a very enlightening experience. While you may not have a large amount of money saved for your retirement yet, the Wealth Index will help give you ideas on how to best invest your money and on how best to get started. More importantly, it will help you, in conjunction with your advisor, to create a plan that will best fit your personality type. Ultimately, the Wealth Index is a great tool to help you continue to build your financial awareness, education and expertise. We hope you enjoy your report and your newfound journey towards true wealth!
As any family knows, money is a critical component of your life. With enough money, everything can seem good! Without enough money, just the opposite. However, no matter how much money you have, or how well-off your family is, it's important that you keep money and your financial decisions in perspective to the rest of your life's goals. The Wealth Index helps you position money in the context of every other dimension of your life, especially your family. In addition to helping you improve your financial decisions for the better, your Wealth Index report can guide you to making financial choices that best impact your quality of life with those you love most.
The Wealth Index can be a terrific report if you are in the process of planning your retirement, or if you are already retired. Your retirement is a major life shift, impacting not only your finances, but also many other aspects of your life, such as your sense of self, your health and your overall well-being. Financially speaking, you must also ensure that the money you've worked your whole life for - to save for retirement - lasts you your whole retirement! Your Wealth Index report can help you manage your finances so they last as long as possible, and at the same time, give you insights into managing other key components of your life in harmony with your finances.
Financial advisors and financial professionals of all types are using the Wealth Index to help their clients plan better! As an advisor, good advice comes from knowing your clients financial wants, needs and goals. Great advice comes from knowing about their finances and knowing your client as a true human being, in all aspects of their lives. The Wealth Index allows you to truly get to know your client better, in all aspects of their lives. As a result, the advice you provide is much more likely to be the best advice possible for each of your clients unique situations. You'll be amazed at what the Wealth Index report can do to enhance your client-meeting experience. Give it a try today!
The Wealth Index helps you identify how money impacts and changes your life — and how to make money work for you in each of the
Four Dimensions of Wealth
Family & Friends
Family and friends are a key component of any wealthy life. Your Wealth Index Family & Friends score helps measure the strength of your relationships amongst your family and friends, and how this is impacted by your finances. Your report will also give you insights into how to improve those relationships.
Meaning & Purpose
What is any life without a strong sense of meaning? Your Wealth Index Meaning & Purpose score helps measure your overall sense of purpose throughout various areas of your life. Money can also play a major factor here - your report will provide you with ideas of how to manage your finances to help improve this score.
Health & Wellbeing
Nothing in life is more important than your health. Unfortunately, money, financial matters and stress often impact your health greatly. Your Wealth Index Health & Wellbeing score helps measure your overall level of health, stress and most importantly, how your finances are impacting them. You may be surprised at your results.
Money & Finances
For many, money is the cornerstone for much of their overall satisfaction in life. Money also impacts every other dimension of wealth listed here. Your Wealth Index Money & Finance score helps show you how your finances are doing - and steps you can take to improve not only your finances, but every other dimension too.