For Each Wealth
How To

Your Personal
Wealth Potential
Into Your
Money Psyche
Your Scores
To National
Action Steps
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What You'll Get In Your Wealth Index Report

Personalized Scores
For Each
Wealth Dimension
  • Receive your personalized scores for the four dimensions of wealth
  • Learn what your Overall Score is for each dimension
  • Plus each Sub-Category Scores for additional detail
  • Individualized explanations for every possible score you receive
  • Enhanced analysis of your Money & Finance scores, including detailed next steps that you can take
How To Maximize
Your Personal
Wealth Potential
  • How close are you to your Personal Wealth Potential?
  • Find out with your Personal Wealth Potential summary scores
  • Understand what your Personal Wealth Potential means
  • Find out how to integrate money to more effectively improve your scores
  • Discover next steps you can take to ensure you are happy, healthy and wealthy in all aspects of your life
Insights Into Your
Money Psyche
  • Our proprietary Money Psyche formula analyzes your scores and presents you with a detailed analysis of what you believe, think and want with regards to your finances
  • Learn about yourself like you never have before
  • It’s like someone is reading your mind - and teaching you how to more effectively handle your finances!
Your Scores
Compared To
National Averages
  • Have you ever wanted to know if you are the only one who feels like you do?
  • Have you ever wondered if you are ‘doing better’ than those around you?
  • Your Wealth Index scores can help show you exactly how you compare to the national average of others who have taken the Index
  • Have some fun and see how you compare today!
Action Steps
Priority Matrix
  • Your Action Step Priority Matrix shows you exactly where you are struggling and where your strengths are
  • Determine appropriate next steps for yourself by understanding what you need to focus on first
  • Your Priority Matrix will highlight key individual questions and what your score means for each one
Question & Answer
  • No more wondering about what answers you had selected!
  • Your Question & Answer key has each question of the Wealth Index and your specific answer in one easy to read, handy to reference page
  • Go back and see your answer to each question whenever you choose!