Make Better, Wiser,
More Effective
Financial Decisions

Your Wealth Index Report is designed to help
you make smarter financial decisions

The Four Top Reasons To Get Your Wealth Index Report
  1. Help Determine Your Financial Goals
  2. Understand Your Money Psyche Better
  3. Learn About Your Financial Strengths
  4. Plan Your Next Action Steps

By answering the questions included in the Wealth Index, you’ll begin thinking more about what goals you want to accomplish with your money and your finances.

It’s a terrific first step for both you or your advisor to take before diving deep into your financial planning process.

Your Money Psyche is a sneak peek into how you internally approach your finances. You’ll find out more about your beliefs, what you think, and what you believe when it comes to money.

You will be surprised – it’s like someone is telling you exactly who you are and what it means!

The Wealth Index will give you 4 distinct Money & Finance sub-category scores for you to review. Based on your results, you’ll get a pretty good understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can be very important when you plan!

You’ll also get additional detailed descriptions and information for each finance sub-category score, included customized action steps specifically generated for you based on the specific answers you selected.

Use these to plan better on your own or with your advisor!

Have some fun by comparing your scores
to your friends, your spouse, the national average
and your own previous scores!